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BUSE Gastek GmbH & Co. KG

Diversified in the world of gas-technology

We are a speciality plant engineering company, based in Bad Hönningen, Germany. Our portfolio comprises:

CO2 plant engineering and process technology

We design and build standardised and custom generation and recovery plants for food-grade carbon dioxide. We also offer our customers the necessary equipment for storing and safely and reliably supplying CO2.

Dry-ice equipment and dry-ice blasting solutions

We are a leading global provider of dry-ice blasters and machines for producing dry-ice. Our products range from small units which meet in-house requirements, through high-performance plants for large-scale manufacturers, to dry-ice blasters for industrial cleaning applications. 

Cryogenic freezers

We design and build freezer systems which use the cryogenic refrigerants N2 and CO2 to rapidly chill and freeze food products – cabinet, linear, spiral and triple-decker freezers, and special-purpose models for chilled and frozen goods.

Services for industrial gas storage units

Both of our facilities in Steinheim-Bergheim and Bad Hönningen offer a comprehensive range of services, which includes maintenance and overhaul of all types and sizes of industrial gas storage units and equipment.