Gas experts – for over 130 years

In 1883, Rudolf Ehrenfried Buse began to produce mineral water and, in an unprecedented step, naturally occurring carbon dioxide in the German town of Gerolstein. He then marketed his products to the beverage industry. He was one of the first businessmen to appreciate the diverse potential applications of CO2. His work laid the foundations for the development of the BUSE Group.

Our mineral water business expanded in the decades that followed, and BUSE became a market leader for CO2 in Germany and neighbouring countries. Year after year, we consolidated and added to our application technology and plant engineering expertise.

In 1984, BUSE elected to merge its mineral water business in Gerolstein with the operations of its largest local competitor. This was a key milestone, resulting in the formation of Gerolsteiner Brunnen – until today, one of Germany’s foremost brands of mineral water.

BUSE became an increasingly important player on the world stage, too. Soaring global demand for plant engineering and CO2 prompted BUSE to become a more international organisation. We established our first subsidiary outside Germany in Greece in the mid-1980s, before expanding into the Balkans soon after. BUSE is now a leader in the Balkan gas market. Around the same time, BUSE founded a subsidiary in the Netherlands – and rapidly became the world-leading provider of inspection and filling services for compressed gas and extinguishing agent containers for fire extinguisher manufacturers. 

The BUSE Group continues to expand to this day, with sites all over the world – and an extensive product and service portfolio.

At BUSE, we combine over 130 years’ experience with an undying thirst for pioneering ideas. Today, we are one of the leading gas market players in terms of plant engineering, plant operation, services and distribution.



Melanie Kremer-Probst, General Manager

"BUSE – the name stands for high product quality and services. Shared value determines our daily action and stand behind the long-term success of our company. Demanding and supporting of top performance is an inherent part of our corporate culture and contributes the successful development of the BUSE Group."