BUSE Upgrading Service

BUSE modernisation service

Breathing new life into your existing technology.

As process technology ages, downtime and reliability issues can occur more frequently – even with regular maintenance.

The challenges:

The plant’s competitiveness is deteriorating due to:

  • Poor energy efficiency, i.e. an unsatisfactory ratio of power input to plant performance
  • High consumption of materials/resources due to leaks or outdated process technology
  • Higher personnel costs due to relatively low degree of automation
  • Difficulty sourcing (original) spare parts
  • Longer plant downtimes due to an increased need for maintenance
  • Greater safety risks

The solution: upgrading with BUSE

Is your CO2 system outdated? Perhaps it no longer meets safety requirements? If so, the BUSE modernisation service could offer you a cost-effective alternative to installing a completely new system. We can rejuvenate existing CO2 systems and upgrade them to the state of the art: by selective modernisation, modifying processes, replacing components or installing the latest I & C technology. We inspect your system, identify potential areas for improvement, and develop a modernisation plan tailored to the condition of your plant. Finally, we work with you to determine the exact scope of modernisation work required.

Modernisation service – the benefits for you:

  • Reduced production and maintenance costs
  • Improved cost effectiveness
  • Increased plant availability and safety
  • Extension of the plant’s service life