CO2 Pressure Disinfestation Plants PEX

BUSE PEX CO2 disinfestation plants 

Blast the pests away

We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing CO2 disinfestation plants, and we develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of every customer. Our PEX method employs high-pressure, non-toxic CO2 gas to combat pests without damaging products or containers.

This state-of-the-art, cost-effective process leaves no toxic residue on food or in the environment. It can be used to eradicate pests that endanger a variety of organic products and commodities such as coffee, tea, cereals, dried fruit, herbs and spices.

The technology

Our PEX plant comprises one or multiple high-pressure autoclaves (also known as PEX pressure vessels). The goods to be disinfested are stacked on pallets (in sacks) and are then placed in the vessel. The autoclave is then closed and filled with CO2 gas, creating a high-pressure atmosphere. Once the required exposure time has elapsed, the vessel is depressurised and flushed with air prior to being opened. In a configuration with multiple autoclaves, a large proportion of the CO2 gas can be reused in a second PEX vessel via pressure equalisation.

The benefits

The PEX process: 

  • is toxicologically unproblematic
  • leaves no residue
  • does not damage the product
  • is government-approved (German Register of Authorised Plant Protection Products, Part 5: Storage Protection)