CO2 Production Plants

CO2 Production plants System BUSE ERZ

Reliable. Durable. For superior-quality CO2.

CO2 production plants enable carbon dioxide to be produced anywhere, without needing a raw gas source. They are deployed wherever CO2 is required, but there is a lack of local suppliers or suitable sources of raw gas. The flue gas necessary to generate CO2 is produced by the combustion of natural gas or fuel oil. Once the flue gas has been cooled and desulphurised, CO2 is removed by means of a special aqueous amine solution. In the following process stages, the gas is then compressed, thoroughly purified, cryogenically liquefied and finally stored in insulated CO2 tanks.

Our BUSE ERZ compact CO2 production plants are deployed in the beverage industry, by gas producers and in seawater desalination plants.

BUSE ERZ CO2 production plants guarantee outstanding reliability and a very long service life.

Benefits of BUSE ERZ plants:

  • Leading-edge burner technology
  • Predominantly stainless steel components
  • Flexible, customer-specific plant design and planning