CO2 Recovery Plants

CO- recovery system BUSE RGW

Eco-friendly. Cost-effective. Profitable.

CO2 recovery is the most cost-effective way to capture carbon dioxide. And our BUSE RGW CO2 recovery system is not only profitable to operate – it is also environmentally friendly. It enables you to capture and process CO2 from available CO2-rich off-gases in a very energy-efficient way. Our systems encompass all the process steps needed to produce high-purity, liquid, food-grade CO2 cost-effectively – including gas purification.

Installation. Modernisation. Maintenance.

In addition to installing end-to-end CO2 recovery systems, we also offer a broad selection of services – available worldwide – for modernising, maintaining, or expanding existing systems. And at your request, we can also supply top quality CO2 recovery equipment such as:

  • CO2 storage tanks
  • CO2 evaporators – a variety of models and dosing units
  • CO2 strippers to increase product purity up to 99.998 vol%
  • Analysis systems to monitor product purity

The choice is yours.

BUSE is a reliable, experienced partner for a variety of CO2 recovery systems, designed for a variety of gas origins: