CO2 Vaporizers

BUSE CO2 evaporators

Cost savings through effective evaporation

CO2 evaporators are used in practically all industrial applications where CO2 is stored in liquid form and required in gaseous form, e.g. for production processes or inerting applications.

For decades, we have offered our customers a wide variety of CO2 evaporator systems. And our first concern is making sure that our products are cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

In addition to our standard models, we can build custom versions for special electrical or mechanical requirements, system capacities, materials or heat sources.

BUSE V-LU atmospheric CO2 evaporator

Our atmospheric CO2 air evaporators are very economical. They utilise heat from ambient air, so they require very little electric power.


BUSE V-EL electric CO2 evaporator

Our electric CO2 evaporators use electric power to evaporate liquid CO2. They are an ideal option whenever process requirements or ecological factors rule out other heat sources. Electric evaporators are also employed in CO2 storage plants to compensate for the pressure loss that occurs when carbon dioxide is directly removed from the gas phase.

BUSE V-GLY glycol CO2 evaporator

Our glycol CO2 evaporators are primarily deployed in breweries, where they utilise heat from aqueous glycol solution from the return circuit of the cooling system. This reduces the load on the central refrigeration system. The resulting saving in electric power makes a significant contribution to keeping overall costs low.