Support & Spare Parts Service

BUSE support and spare parts service

Service. Support. Assurance.

As operators of CO2 systems, we know how important it is for your system to have high availability at all times. Any disruptions are extremely costly and must be resolved at once. We are committed to making your investment as productive as possible. BUSEs aftersales service and spare parts service staff help you resolve any issues – quickly and effectively.

Technical support

Our service doesn’t end with the delivery of your CO2 system. After commissioning, experienced process and service engineers are available to provide assistance at any time. Our support team can answer your queries on any aspect of operations by telephone, email, or on site, if required.

Spare part service

Replacement parts are needed very rapidly if disruptions are to be resolved quickly. In practise, however, key parts are often not available at short notice. At BUSE, we can promise you the right part, in the right place, at the right time. Our spare parts management team will supply you with original parts, without delay and at fair prices, however long your BUSE CO2 system has been in service.

Preventive maintenance and inspection

We recommend regular inspections of your CO2 generation or recovery systems. Our experienced BUSE service personnel will:

  • Optimise the system’s mode of operation. Review all setpoint values for smooth, cost-effective operation, and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Perform maintenance on the system’s main components
  • Test the electric and mechanical components and I&C safety devices
  • Train staff
  • Provide a list of the recommended spare parts and a quotation for these parts at a preferential price

Aftersales service and spare parts service – your benefits

A stock of parts on hand to meet your needs and a regularly maintained, optimally configured CO2 system bring you the following benefits:

  • High system availability with costly downtime reduced to a minimum
  • Cost-effective operation and increased productivity
  • Lower overall costs through avoiding expenditure for damage due to insufficient maintenance
  • Extended service life