CO2 Storage Tanks System MD - 80bar

BUSE MD High Pressure CO2 storage tanks

Reliability. Efficiency. High pressure.

BUSE MD units are used when liquid or gaseous CO2 needs to be stored at high pressure. CO2 can be dispensed continuously or on demand. These storage units have a maximum allowable operating pressure of 80 bar.

The tanks are made from special-purpose steel and are non-insulated, with the contents stored at ambient temperature. The heat required to vaporize the CO2 is drawn from ambient atmosphere, and transferred through the tank’s outer wall, ensuring high efficiency. E.g. the storage unit’s operating pressure is approx. 60 bar at +20°C.

We offer two standard tank sizes:

  • BUSE MD-L, a horizontal tank with a nominal capacity of 1,100 to 10,000 kg
  • BUSE MD-S, a vertical tank with a nominal capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 kg

BUSE MD High Pressure CO2 storage units – key features

  • CO2 inlet, outlet and safety relief valves
  • Weighing device to monitor tank level
  • Pressure-controlled cooling device for pressure keeping via water sprinkling
  • Safety valve set to 80 bar relief pressure

Optional accessories: external pressure build-up vaporisers or internal electrical tank heating