CO2 Storage Tanks System ND - 22bar

BUSE ND Low Pressure CO2 storage units

Cost-effective, safe, reliable storage

The BUSE ND storage units ensure the safe, reliable supply of cryogenic liquid CO2. These low-pressure units are ideal for cooling, dry-ice production, or other instances where cost-effective storage of cryogenic liquid CO2 in large quantities is required.

Our low-pressure storage tanks are insulated by a 200 mm-thick layer of polyurethane foam, and made from special-purpose steel.  BUSE ND storage units provide safe, reliable, cost-effective storage, with a maximum allowable operating pressure of 22 bar.

We offer two standard tank sizes:

  • BUSE ND-L, a horizontal tank with a nominal capacity of 3,000 to 100,000 kg
  • BUSE ND-S, a vertical tank with a nominal capacity of 10,000 to 100,000 kg



BUSE ND low pressure CO2 storage units – key features


  • CO2 inlet and outlet valves
  • 2 safety relief valves (interchangeable valves) ((bitte prüfen!!))
  • Weighing device to monitor gas quantity.
  • Pressure-controlled refrigeration unit ((bitte prüfen!!)) to maintain stored liquid temperatures.

Optional accessories:

  • additional outlet valves for CO2 (liquid or gaseous)
  • electrical auxiliary heating or external pressure vaporisers (bitte prüfen – pressure vaporiser??)) for extraction of large volumes of gaseous CO2
  • Load cells for precise measurement of content of horizontal storage units
  • Differential pressure measurement device for vertical storage units