CO2 Tank MaintenanceCO2 Tank MaintenanceCO2 Tank Maintenance

BUSE services for industrial gas storage units - CO2 supply systems

Keeping your storage units in ideal shape 

Our facility in Bad Hönningen specialises in CO2 storage unit and supply system repair and overhaul. We focus mainly on conventional low-pressure cryogenic liquid CO2 storage units of up to 22 bar, insulated with polyurethane foam, and non-insulated high pressure CO2 tanks of up to 80 bar. This also includes their peripherals and accessories, such as vaporisers, pumping stations and weighing devices.

Based on our customers’ needs, and on the age and condition of the unit, we perform the following services during an overhaul:

  • Replacement of polyurethane foam insulation in low-pressure storage units
  • Replacement of water cooling system in high-pressure storage units
  • Replacement of all piping
  • Replacement of all components such as valves, instrumentation and peripherals
  • Refrigeration unit maintenance or replacement
  • Replacement of safety valves
  • Tank repainting and labelling
  • Replacement of electric switchgear units
  • Tests, including hydrostatic pressure testing, liquid penetrant testing, x-rays, and TÜV testing

When required, we can perform maintenance and overhaul at the customer site. We also offer assistance in managing the regular testing required by European legislation. Our facility in Bad Hönningen is certified to perform welding tasks according to AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0 and EN ISO 3834-3.