BUSE LFH Linear tunnel freezer

BUSE LFH linear tunnel freezer

Continuous operation – for freshness that lasts and lasts

BUSE LFH linear tunnel freezers are used for the continuous chilling and freezing of large batches of products. In particular, they are employed in the production of meat and sausages, ready-meals, baked goods, fish and seafood, and fruit and vegetables. We have also developed special-purpose versions for deployment in industrial steel processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Smart. Simple. Safe.

Our linear tunnel freezers are based on a counter-flow heat exchange system. The product is placed onto a conveyor belt – either manually or via an automated feed unit – and removed after leaving the freezer.

Thanks to its intelligent design, both the freezer and the conveyor can be cleaned and maintained safely and conveniently. For this purpose, the entire upper section of the freezer can be lifted off. A connection for automatic belt cleaning systems is also provided.

BUSE LFH linear tunnel freezer – the benefits for you: 

  • Rapid, uniform chilling thanks to optimised cold gas circulation
  • Can be tailored to customer-specific requirements due to modular design
  • Height-adjustable for optimal alignment with feeding and unloading equipment
  • Robust, high-performance and low-maintenance design
  • Easy to use
  • Rapid assembly