BUSE Multipass tunnel freezer

BUSE EFH multipass tunnel freezer

Fresh on every level

The BUSE EFH multipass tunnel freezer is a special-purpose version of our linear freezer. It features three conveyor belts, one above the other, moving in alternate directions, with products passing from top to bottom. It was developed to provide continuous chilling and freezing where space is at a premium. The BUSE EFH is ideal for use with bulk goods and loose, rolling items. It is also suitable for medium-sized products of a less sensitive nature, such as burger patties, sausages, pasta, shrimps, fruit and vegetables.

BUSE EFH multipass tunnel freezer – the benefits for you:  

  • High freezing capacity with a small footprint
  • Intelligent arrangement of spraying frames and optimised cold gas circulation ensures fast, uniform heat extraction
  • Can be tailored to customer-specific needs thanks to modular design
  • Individually driven and controlled conveyor belts for flexible product handling
  • Hygienic construction for easy and efficient cleaning
  • Robust, high-performance and low-maintenance design