BUSE SF Cabinet Freezer

BUSE SF cabinet freezer

Expert cooling in a box

Cabinet freezers are used to freeze individual batches – fast. The BUSE SF cabinet freezer is able to chill and freeze a variety of foodstuffs, such as meat and sausage products, ready-meals, baked goods, fish and seafood. It can also be deployed in the pharmaceutical industry and to treat steels.

Convenient. Efficient. Smart. 

The SF cabinet from BUSE boasts a wealth of ingenious design features. For example, the intelligent door design and interior dimensions ensure that products can be pushed directly into the freezer on a standard tray rack trolley. In addition, side-mounted fans optimise cold gas circulation, delivering outstanding efficiency. Freezer cells can also be equipped with smart optional features such as:

  • Fans shutdown system, in case doors are opened too soon
  • Core temperature control
  • Process data acquisition and data transfer to external computer
  • Contact switch to ensure doors are fully closed

BUSE SF cabinet freezer – the benefits for you:

  • Can be delivered pre-assembled or in individual parts
  • Hygienic design – simple to clean
  • Robust, high-performance and low-maintenance design
  • Tailored to customer-specific requirements, e.g. double cells, throughput cabinets, special versions for confined spaces