BUSE WFO Spiral Freezer

BUSE WFO spiral freezer 

Non-stop freshness – with a twist

If you lack the space to install a long, linear system, the BUSE WFO spiral freezer offers a solution. The conveyor belt rises up around a drum inside the freezer like a spiral staircase. It guarantees continuous, high production capacity, optimised use of refrigerants, and features a compact, space-saving design. The freezer can be used to chill or freeze products such as ready-meals, meat and sausages, fish, pizza and baked goods.

Continuous. Compact. Customised.

The BUSE WFO is available with conveyor belts of various widths, and a range of spiral sizes and feed directions. As a result, we can meet all customer-specific requirements with regard to product quantities, space restrictions and production processes.

BUSE WFO spiral freezer – the benefits for you:

  • Rapid, uniform heat extraction, via a cold gas circulation process specially designed for the WFO freezer
  • High-performance fans
  • Height adjustable for optimal alignment with feeding and unloading equipment
  • Hygienic construction – simple and efficient cleaning
  • Robust, high-performance and low-maintenance design