Dry Ice Blasting

BUSE Jet dry ice blasting system

Tough on grime, gentle on the environment

BUSE’s innovative Jet system is a superior alternative to ineffective and environmentally harmful cleaning methods. Our dry ice blasters ensure efficient, gentle and residue-free cleaning. What’s more, they remove the thickest industrial grease and grime in seconds.

Extremely versatile industrial cleaning technique

BUSE dry ice blasters are the ideal choice for cleaning surfaces, machinery and components of all kinds. They can remove everything from soft contaminants such as lubricants and waxes, to hard, tenacious deposits including resins, paint, adhesives and combustion residues. Machinery can often be cleaned on-line, i.e. without being dismantled. That significantly reduces your cleaning costs and improves your productivity.

Gentle and eco-friendly

Dry ice is non-abrasive and returns to a gaseous state during application, leaving no residues behind. Surfaces suffer no mechanical or chemical damage during cleaning, and the method replaces environmentally problematic blast cleaning agents and techniques. Furthermore, no costs are incurred for the disposal of chemicals or hard blast-cleaning agents.

Leading-edge technology for superlative results

Our BUSE Booster range of dry ice blasters offers a complete system for a wide variety of cleaning applications. All devices are made in our own factory to the highest quality standards. We can also supply customers with all the equipment needed for professional dry ice blast cleaning, such as a comprehensive selection of nozzles, dry ice containers in various sizes, and air compressors from leading vendors. And with our BJP dry ice pelletizers, you can make your own dry ice for blast-cleaning – cost-effectively and in line with your specific requirements.

First-class support

Our service team offers fast, dependable and expert support worldwide. Of significant benefit to our customers is the fact that we maintain inventories of practically every part and can provide same-day delivery.