Dry Ice Equipment

BUSE dry ice equipment

Technology in its best form

BUSE is a leading global provider of CO2 plants and a specialist manufacturer of machines for producing dry ice. We offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic dry ice units for making pellets, blocks and discs. Depending on requirements, we can supply customers with single components or end-to-end solutions. And in addition to individual dry ice machines, we deliver made-to-measure production lines for large-scale manufacturers – including packaging machines, CO2 storage tanks and CO2  recovery plants.

Dry ice technology made by BUSE

We develop all of our machines in house. Our engineering team constantly extends and enhances our model range. A highly skilled and experienced assembly team builds the machines at our own facility in Steinheim-Bergheim. Before leaving the factory, every unit is thoroughly tested and inspected, earning it the CE marking.

Dry ice technology made in Germany

We only employ components from well-known German and European suppliers in our machines, ensuring efficient and robust technology of the highest quality. As a result, we can guarantee our customers maximum reliability, and supply them with spare parts for many years. Last but not least, BUSE Gastek equipment represents outstanding value for money.

First-class support from BUSE

Our service team offers fast, dependable and expert support worldwide. Of significant benefit to our customers is the fact that we maintain inventories of practically every part and can provide same-day delivery.