Dry Ice Block Presses

BUSE BJB dry ice block machines

Quality en bloc

Our block machines produce blocks or discs of dry ice that are mainly used in airline catering or to keep food cool during shipping.

For the production of dry-ice we offer 2 different systems:

Dry ice block machine system BUSE BJB150/ BJB250

With our block machines dry ice blocks are made by the expansion of cryogenically liquefied CO2 stored in an insulated CO2 storage tank by injecting it into a forming chamber. The dry ice snow produced by this method is then hydraulically compressed into blocks and discs that are highly compact and robust.

The block machines system BJB are the right choice for small or medium output of  max. 230 kg/h.

Dry ice reformer system BUSE BJU 500

With the reformer system BJU 500 dry ice blocks are made by funnel dry-ice pellets or small fragments into the hopper of the machine, which then are pressed into dry-ice blocks. The thus produced dry-ice blocks are characterized by especially high density and durability. With a sufficient feed of dry-ice pellets, the reformer BJU500 reaches a production capacity of nearly 480 kg/h.