Dry Ice Pelletizer

BUSE BJP Dry Ice Pelletizers

Dry ice pellets of the highest quality

Dry ice in the form of pellets has a multitude of technical applications (for example, dry ice blasting). Our BUSE BJP dry ice machines are high quality, modern hydraulic presses, which produce dry ice pellets with diameters of 3 mm, 10 mm and 16 mm (the latter are called nuggets). Our products range from small-scale units with a capacity of 30 kg/hour, designed to meet in-house requirements, to high-volume machines with a capacity of 480 kg/hour for dry ice production on an industrial scale.

Efficient pelletizers. Maximum yield.

Our pelletizers are extremely efficient and keep production costs low. Thanks to BUSE’s snow filter system, the dry ice snow produced during the liquid CO2 expansion process is almost all turned into pellets. Virtually no other machine on the market has such a low specific CO2 consumption.

Sophisticated process engineering

BUSE pelletizers are equipped with a special automatic start-up mechanism. This ensures that the machine can already start producing high-quality pellets approximately one minute after start-up.

Robust, high-powered pellets

Our pelletizers compress dry ice using a high-performance hydraulic press. Combined with specially designed extrusion plate geometry, this yields compacted material of perfect hardness and density. As a result, the pellets are the ideal media for blast cleaning.

Control system based on the latest technology

  • Automatic operation via modern PLC
  • User-friendly, with an electronic operator panel that displays all the key parameters
  • The desired production time can be entered manually according to the size of the dry ice container
  • Optionally available with scales for fully automatic operation, or with remote maintenance