News Detail Christmas 2015


In recent years, the BUSE group has supported humanitarian projects in Africa at Christmas. Thanks to a close link with the organisation responsible in each case, we were able to very closely follow, how our donations were mainly used in the expansion of schools and in education for schoolchildren who were able to work to give themselves prospects for the future thanks to our support.

Obviously, these projects will still have to be supported. But this year, the
BUSE group has also decided to respond to the current situation in Germany.

Currently, 60 million people worldwide are fleeing wars, conflict and persecution. These are 60 million individual fates, people who have had to give up everything and are now sorely in need of our support.

You might certainly hold differing views on refugee policy in Germany, but we surely all agree that the refugee children in particular, who have had to leave their home countries with their families in order to survive, have experienced so many terrible things and most of them have seen more than they can bear. This year the BUSE group wants to stand up for these children by giving them a fun and hopefully unforgettable afternoon.

As part of aid for refugees, the BUSE group is organising an integrated children's party called "WINTER MAGIC" in the St Peter and Paul Catholic church hall on 5th December 2015. We have planned this party in close cooperation with the refugee coordinator of the municipality of Bad Hönningen as well as the catholic and protestant congregations of Bad Hönningen, so that our newly-arrived young guests can spend a whole carefree afternoon with children from the local kindergartens taking part in handicrafts, singing and a fairy tale hour. During this time, their mothers will have the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange experiences while baking German and international specialities. One of the highlights for the children will be a balloon race, in which each child is given a gas-filled balloon with a name card to be released into the air. The children and families of the three balloons that travel the furthest will receive a wonderful surprise for the Christmas holidays! All cards must be returned by 18 December 2015.

The doors of our Winterzauber Café will open to the general public between 4 and 6 p.m. We invite everyone to spend time with a cup of coffee or tea and freshly-baked specialities to welcome the new members of our community and to exchange a little culture and tradition.

Thanks to the kind support from the municipality of Bad Hönningen as well as the catholic and protestant congregations of Bad Hönningen, we have been able to organise this party. We would like to take this early opportunity to thank our volunteers who have already helped to ensure that this children's party will be a success!

Naturally, we will capture this day in pictures. Come and take a look at us again here!