CO2 Application Equipment

Equipment for CO2 applications

A one-stop supplier

BUSE is a one-stop supplier for CO2 plant engineering. We don’t just build CO2 generation or recovery systems – we provide you with all the equipment you need for almost any CO2 application.

CO2 evaporators

BUSE evaporators are highly energy-efficient and ensure a reliable supply of gaseous CO2. We offer a wide range of evaporator systems.

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CO2 dosing units

BUSE dosing units are deployed wherever gaseous CO2 needs to be dosed with great accuracy. Our units can be integrated into existing systems or supplied with a CO2 evaporator.

CO2 transfer pump stations

BUSE CO2 pump stations ensure rapid, reliable transfer of liquid CO2 between storage tanks. They are also deployed for emptying and filling CO2 transport tanks.

CO2 filling stations

BUSE filling stations ensure safe, efficient handling and reliable, low maintenance operation long-term. They are employed for filling high-pressure steel cylinders and fire extinguishers with CO2.

Dry ice units

BUSE is a leading global provider of dry ice units. We supply a wide range of products, from small-scale units designed to meet in-house requirements, to large-scale production systems for industrial dry ice producers.

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