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Your specialist in gases.

BUSE: a trusted name in gases for more than 130 years. As one of the leading suppliers in the specialty-gases segment, we are an experienced partner. Providing our customers with the highest quality gases and accessories along with outstanding service is our chief objective. This dedication to excellence has been a key to our success over the years and will continue to guide our actions in the future.


We know exactly how to convince.

We focus on our strengths. Specialty gases, gas mixtures, and accessories are our core competence. Whether small quantities or large orders – we deliver flexibly, quickly, and reliably. Our strategic warehousing and international orientation are the keys that make this level of service possible. Your success is our objective.

Fire-Extinguishing Systems

We help save lives through our conscientious work and in-depth knowledge.

Specialty Gases

They are rare. They are manyfoul. They are used in almost every economic area.

Medical Technology

Special fields require special products. This applies especially to medical technology.

Industrial Gases

It does not work without them. No matter in which industry. Industrial gases are produced in various purity levels.

Examination & Overhaul

Safety first. No cylinder will leave our company without inspection and testing.

Storage Tanks & Rental Containers

You need more? Secure your own needs with our storage tanks and rental containers.

Dry Ice

Because ice age protects. In many cases,
dry ice is an excellent refrigerant.

Fittings & Distribution Networks

We secure your supply. Our high quality accessories and gas management are a guarantor.

Container Service

Good care and maintenance is what counts. This makes storage tanks and containers more economical.

CO2 Plants & Dry Ice

When it comes to independence, our CO2 freezers are just the thing. Extremely reliable and long-lasting.

Cryogenic Freezer Systems

We provide lasting freshness. From production to the table. Fast and gentle.
Fast. Gentle. Tasty.

Persönliche Beratung

Auf eine gute Pflege kommt es an. Denn sie macht Lagertanks und Behälter noch wirtschaftlicher. 


We know exactly where to impress.

Gases have become an indispensable part of our lives. They are an integral part of all conceivable markets and industries. Whether cutting or welding metal, protecting food, or calibrating the finest laboratory technology – the range of applications is almost limitless. We are here to support you with our wide-ranging knowledge.


Good taste is not a matter of taste.
This is because consumers are ever more demanding.


Whether its powerful medicines, research or development, we will be happy to provide you with our expertise.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

We give our all. Our aim is to improve
quality of life for as many people as possible.

Industry & Trade

Our products will enable you to perform excellent cutting work. For many decades, we have known exactly what we are doing.


We know how to handle exceptionally harsh conditions. Our products as well.

Chemistry & Petrochemical

Occupational safety, cleaning, inspection or maintenance. A complex industry with high requirements.

BUSE – How it all began.

It is indeed curious. You pursue an idea and end up accidentally heading in a completely different direction. That might seem annoying at first.

But it wasn’t.

Our locations.


Sprudelstrasse 3
53557 Bad Hönningen

 +49 (0)2635 781-0
 +49 (0)2635 781-200

BUSE Gastek GmbH & Co. KG

Heinrich-Spier-Strasse 17
32839 Steinheim-Bergheim

 +49 (0)5233 951 94-00
 +49 (0)5233 951 94-11


De Overmaat 21
6831 AE-Arnhem

+31 (0)26 323 07 40
+31 (0)26 323 0614

BUSE Gases Ltd.

Johnsons Bridge Road
West Bromwich
B71 1DG
Great Britain

+44 (0)121 5241111
+44 (0)121 5241110


32 009 Schimatari

+30 22620 57240
+30 22620 57241


Str. Nikola Tesla no. 51
7000 Bitola

+389 47 235769
+389 75 415181

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