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Asia-Pacific Industrial Gas Conference 2018

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Malaysia’s Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel will host the fourth world gasworld conference in Asia Pacific in December. gasworld’s 4th conference in the region will focus on the industrial gas markets, what is driving growth, what structural changes are taking place following current mergers and acquisitions, explore emerging trends and the opportunities they provide.

We will provide additional insight on the way technology and business models are shifting in our industry, such as the use of digitisation and automation, the emergence of clean energy transition in which industrial gas companies and equipment suppliers can be central to driving a successful development.

The event will provide a striking balance between the traditional growth drivers that are thriving in these younger economies, and the newer, inescapable trends that are driving change globally.

As well as holding the conference – we continue to inform and educate delegates through our Exhibition Booth Programme in which companies will share with you their latest technologies and practices which also provides a platform to engage in meaningful networking opportunities.

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