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Cryogenic Freezer Systems

Fast. Gentle. Delicious.

With our high-performance freezer systems, we provide high freezing speeds. The process is fast but extremely gentle. This makes food more durable without affecting its quality. The cryogenic refrigerants used, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, cool the food to for example -20 °C in a very short time without damaging the cell walls. Correspondingly, they lose very little water and therefore weight. It’s a result you can taste.

Cabinet Freezers

It’s pretty cool.

The cabinet freezer is ideal for cooling and freezing various foods. Whether meat and sausage, fish and seafood, baked goods or ready-made meals, the BUSE SF cabinet freezer system remains ice-cold. But the BUSE system is also suitable for different types of steel or pharmaceutical products.

With the cabinet freezer, the name says it all: products can be transported in on a standard tray trolley. Convenient, efficient, and smart. This also applies to its technology. The optimized cold gas flow through the side fans ensures optimum efficiency. Moreover, the freezer cells are intelligently designed and can be equipped with optional components:

  • Fan shutdown system if doors are opened prematurely
  • Core temperature control
  • Process data acquisition and transfer to an external computer
  • Door contact switch to ensure proper seal
Linear Tunnel Freezers

It’s cold at the end of the tunnel

Continuously cold. The BUSE LFH linear freezer tunnel is suitable for cooling and freezing larger product quantities. Whether meat or sausage products, fruit and vegetables, or fish and seafood, it brings everything to an extremely low temperature.

The BUSE LFH linear freezer tunnels use a counterflow heat exchange system to maintain their frosty temperatures. We have also paid special attention to cleaning and maintenance. This is reflected in the overall design of the system. For instance, the entire upper part of the freezer can be lifted and there is also a connection for automatic belt cleaning. It couldn’t be more convenient.

Its other talents include:

  • Rapid, uniform heat extraction due to optimized cold gas circulation
  • Modular design allows for customization to specific customer requirements
  • Robust, powerful and easy to maintain
  • Robust, powerful and easy to maintain
  • Quick assembly
Multipass Tunnel Freezers

Do you have limited space?

Then our tunnel freezers are right for you. They are a special-purpose version of our BUSE LFH linear freezer tunnel. The BUSE EFH is a real space-saver with three counterrotating conveyor belts on top of each other. With its compact design, it is a clever solution for continuous cooling and freezing processes with low space requirements. The products – ideally loose, rolling, or bulk goods – move from the upper to the lower belts. It is an efficient and elegant way to freeze meatballs, sausages, fruit, vegetables, and the like.

The BUSE EFH multipass tunnel freezer’s key features include:

  • High freezing capacity with low space requirement
  • Rapid, uniform heat extraction due to the arrangement of the spray frames and optimized cold gas circulation
  • Modular design allows for customization to specific customer requirements
  • Flexible product handling due to individually driven and controllable conveyors
  • conveyors
  • Hygienic design, and simple and efficient cleaning
  • Robust, powerful and easy to maintain

Spiral Freezers

Dizzyingly effective.

With our spiral freezer BUSE WFO, we offer you a system that makes the most of the vertical space. The system is designed for situations where long conveyor belts are out of the question. The principle is simple: As with a spiral staircase, the conveyor belt winds its way around an internal drum. Its high and continuous production capacity is remarkable considering its very small space requirements. In addition to ready-made meals, meat, and sausage products, goods such as pizzas and baked goods can also be chilled or frozen.

The versatile system can also be adapted to the wishes of our customers. We offer variable belt widths, spirals sizes, as well as input and output directions. From product quantity to the production processes and size dimensions, there are many possibilities for optimization and customization.

Other notable features of the spiral belt freezer:

  • Rapid, uniform heat extraction due to cold gas circulation specially designed for the WFO
  • Performance-optimized fans
  • Height adjustable for optimal alignment with feeding and unloading equipment
  • Hygienic design, and simple and efficient cleaning
  • Robust, powerful and easy to maintain
Service / Replacement Parts

Machine downtime means a loss of production.

This can have drastic economic consequences for a company. Repair times and the possible spoilage of goods at continued operating costs can have devastating consequences on a company.

If it’s OK with you, we’d rather avoid this scenario altogether. With intensive training in the system, our customers can solve many problems themselves. For everything else, we first attempt to solve the issue over the telephone or by e-mail. If that’s not enough, it goes without saying that we’ll come by in person to get the job done.

With our customer service and spare-parts service, we try to keep the downtimes of your plant to an absolute minimum. Fast availability and an extensive range of spare parts ensure the resumption of production within the shortest possible time. These parts are installed by specially trained personnel who are experienced in such situations.

What can you do to avoid such downtimes?

Wir empfehlen unseren Kunden eine regelmäßige Inspektion ihrer Frostersysteme durch unsere erfahrenen BUSE-Service-Techniker. So bleiben Sie jeder Zeit betriebsbereit.

  • Optimization of your plant’s operation: checking the settings for optimal and economical operation and adjusting if necessary
  • Regular maintenance of the main components
  • Testing the electrical and mechanical components as well as any safety-relevant MSR technology
  • Providing regular staff training
  • Preparing a list of recommended spare parts including offer at a preferential price

Customer Service and Spare Parts Service

Always be prepared with a needs-based stock of spare parts and benefit from a well-maintained and optimally adjusted cryogenic freezing plant.

  • High system availability with minimal costly downtimes
  • Efficient operation and higher productivity
  • Lower overall costs, as damage from neglected maintenance is avoided
  • Extension of service life

We are outgoing.

Your personal point of contact.

Thomas Wittwer 
Sales and Technical Service
 +49 (0)5233 9519434

Marc Beyermann
Sales and Technical Service
 +49 (0)5233 9519414



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