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Storage Unit Service

Thorough. Competent. Long-range.

Home away from home. That’s what we provide your storage units for as long as needed. As a recognized specialist for the storage, repair, and overhaul of tanks, we are your partner in all matters relating to storage unit service. We also have comprehensive and profound expertise when it comes to your gas supply systems and equipment. Both national and international manufacturers of technical gases have been relying on our professional and reliable service for many years. What about you?

Vacuum-insulated Cryogenic Vessels

All systems go.

Regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs pay off. We offer comprehensive care for vacuum-insulated cryogenic vessels containing low-temperature liquefied gases, such as N2, O2, CO2 or argon. We also take a close look at the associated equipment and similar pressure vessels for storing alternative gases such as H2.

Our services at a glance:

  • Inspection
  • Overhaul
  • Repair
  • Surface pretreatment
  • Painting
  • Vacuum repairs
CO2 Supply Systems

Withstand the pressure.

Low pressure and medium pressure tanks have to be extremely robust. They must withstand the forces within as well as external factors. With increasing age, CO2 tank farms and CO2 supply stations can become fatigued. We are happy to provide overhaul service at your site. Alternatively, we can provide this service at our plant in Bad Hönningen. Should something really go wrong, no worries: we also offer complete repairs. In Bad Hönningen, we are approved as a welding specialist and certified according to AD 2000-Merblatt HP0 and DIN EN ISO 3834-3.

Moreover, we support our customers regarding the recurring inspections prescribed by European law. Any questions? Get in touch!

Storage Service

When every inch counts.

For customers whose overhauled containers will not be used again directly, we can store them on our premises. We have plenty of space to house your storage units and air vaporizers – even for an indefinite period of time. With nearly 30,000 m2, of space monitored by cutting-edge security technology, we currently manage about 820 storage units for our customers. We provide our customers with a monthly list of the articles stored to ensure they always have a clear overview.

Storage space is valuable. For this reason, we are planning to expand our facilities for you in the next few years. That’s forward-thinking storage unit management.

We are outgoing.

Your personal point of contact.

Frank Freytag
Service Technical Gases
+49 (0)5233 9519422

Jürgen Kappe
Plant Manager Steinheim-Bergheim
+49 (0)5233 9519422



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